Choose the Right Bed and Breakfast Inn for Your Wedding

Are you considering having your wedding at a particular bed and breakfast inn? Bed and breakfast inns are known not only for having an intimate setting but also for their special services. If you are considering having your wedding at a particular inn, then here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

Choose an Inn Based on Your Personality as a Couple

There are literally hundreds of bed and breakfast inns you can choose from. Some inns are located in the country while some are located near a beach. If you are lucky, you may find a bed and breakfast house near a lake. Alternatively you may want inns located in the mountains which usually provide breathtaking views of nature or historic mansions for couples with unique interests.

Consider Your Guests

If you chose a bed and breakfast inn as the location for an event, then you should also consider the number of guests that are coming with you. You need to do this so that you can book enough rooms for them. While these inns can provide a fabulous setting for an event, they are usually located off of the beaten path. You may need to make some arrangements then so that your guests can stay with you at the inn prior to the event.

Check the Grounds

If you are planning to hold the ceremony and reception in a particular bed and breakfast house, then you should check if the grounds can accommodate your guests. Also, look for particulars such as a gazebo or a place for a stage that can provide a nice touch. These will make sure that the place can accommodate everything before the big day.

Think about your Honeymoon

These inns usually provide a honeymoon suite which you can use before and after the event. While these rooms are useful to accommodate guests, you can also stay there for your honeymoon. With the special treatment that these houses give to couples, you may even get some free treats and flowers in the process.

Ask about Catering

You may save some money and headaches from dealing with outside caterers by having your wedding food created in-house. You may need to talk with the owner of the house to work this out but this is often easier than arranging it separately. Just be sure to taste the food in advance. Ask for samples and if you want them to cook a particular recipe, tell them in advance so they can make some arrangements.

Flowers and Decors

If you are going to hold your event at their location, you can ask them if they can set up the place for you. They may charge an additional fee but try to work out a deal that can work for both of you. Also, be sure to talk to them about your wedding theme if you decide to hire them.

Bed and breakfast houses will always remain an attractive setting for weddings. With their focus on romance and special treatments, they will continue to be home to many happy memories.

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